About Je peux inc.

At Je peux inc. we truly believe that with the right support every child can succeed! Our sessions will provide personalized lessons to meet the needs of your child. In some cases additional practice is all it takes however, we recognize that some learning deficits can make this practice seem more challenging.

By examining how your child learns best we tailor the activities and lessons to develop 30 - 60 minute sessions that break down skills, concepts and theory into manageable and easy to understand processes. These processes are systematically instructed to ensure that any gaps within your child’s understanding are filled before moving on to the next phase of learning.

We then introduce new elements that combine the previously learned concepts to further develop understanding, promote critical thinking and independence.

Our one-to-one tutoring sessions are completed through a state of the art video conferencing a solution using the secure “Jane” system. This platform allows you to register your child(ren) and book sessions at your convenience. This system provides a single family login for session booking, video conferencing and payments.

All instructors have met and/or exceeded the minimum time required to master their teaching assignments. Our staff conduct standard mandatory training to not only benefit their own growth / knowledge for instruction but to also ensure that your child receives well rounded support in their academic journey.

Our system and staffing allows for multiple price point categories to assist you in meeting your financial needs and childs educational goals.

With every new enrollment, We offer a complementary 30-minute assessment session.

In order to prepare the best learning material for your child's tutoring sessions it is recommended to book a one time French Literacy Assessment, English Literacy Assessment or Math Assessment to help us determine the best plan for success.

This assessment will provide the instructors at Je peux inc. with important information to ensure that every minute spent with one of our teachers maximizes the learning instruction your child receives in a fun manner they can understand.

All initial assessment results will be kept in a secure online format.