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Learning a second Language has so many benefits within society from cultural understanding to career opportunities. For some, classroom practices provide enough learning opportunities for students to achieve their language acquisition goals. For most, it is important to have one-to-one oral discussions in the target language to develop the necessary language skills that are required to communicate orally and through reading and writing.

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At Je peux inc., we strive to provide personalized sessions that develop students’ comprehension of the French and or English language. All sessions include oral communication, reading and writing tasks that revolve around your language acquisition goals. In addition to literacy instruction of the French language, Je peux inc. also offers math tutoring sessions in French.

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All tutoring sessions at Je peux inc. are held virtually through our secure platform. Sessions with tutors are one-to-one and can be booked as recurring time slots or as needed. This flexibility is great for older students who are preparing for tests and exams.

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